This is the parent and founding order of the modern Druidic Societies, and was revived in the year 1781. Its object is to preserve and practise the main principles attributed to the early Druids, particularly those of justice, benevolence and friendship.

Since its revival the order has adapted itself to modern conditions whilst still preserving most of its original characteristics. The basic pattern of justice, benevolence and harmony, however, remains the foundation upon which the order rests. It has lodges in many parts of England, and close contact with “ The International Order” throughout the world.

Ours is not a religious organization – in fact any discussion on religion or politics is forbidden within the lodge rooms. We run our own Convalescent Home Fund for the benefit of members and their wives, there is also an Annuitants Fund for brethren in need.

Membership of the English order is open to gentlemen only, and candidates for membership must be personally vouched for by two brothers of the order as being suitable for admission.